The Business – For Life

Improving the company’s main assets: Erin assists companies with change and transformation, working from the chaos of a new idea to facilitating a fully developed project with a leader and a team that feel empowered in their organisation. We supercharge the productivity of the team by facilitating inspired leadership. Working with inner transformation, we eliminate both work addiction and burnout as reactions to stress.

Erin works in partnership with leaders and teams to improve the performance of businesses triple bottom line – people, planet and profits. We also assist groups of employees to become cohesive teams and team members to become leaders.

Adding value. We add value to our clients life quality and their businesses by encouraging more productive behaviours. We improve effectiveness by being smart and offering unique solutions, that fit. We have a range of over 200 techniques and tools to assist businesses. We have formed an extensive and diverse network of specialist consultants working with companies. If we can’t help you we usually know who can.

Improving performance in enjoyable ways. We consider that there is considerable scope to improve the performance of businesses as satisfying, creative places to work and be in. The main assets of today’s high performing companies are people. We are in the business of assisting people getting more from their work and personal lives so they do not need to change employers prematurely or burn out.

Personal Satisfaction. The best talent seeks out organisations that reflect their inner values and provide opportunities for personal development. In addition research suggests personal satisfaction alone affects some 39% of a company’s performance. Motivation theory also shows that community and our sense of belonging rank high as basic needs. Quality of leadership is the main factor that effects our sense of belonging. Erin works with team and individual conflicts to develop new levels of satisfaction and creativity.

Holding the unknown until the solution appears: Sometimes solutions to problems in the present can become worse problems in the future. Holding the unknown long enough, rather than attempting a quick fix is sometimes needed. We work with leaders to answer the following key questions: How do we change our work culture to meet new demands? How do we get new teams together quickly and efficiently? How do we learn to understand, reframe or resolve conflict or use it to further our business diversity or to attain new levels of excellence? How can we make our business a place where we can adapt faster to changing needs?

Inspired Leadership Programme: Erin is a partner in the Inspired Leadership Program created by Dr. John Benjamin Franklin. (click here, if you would like more information) We use an extensive array of 360 degree and other feedback systems and visioning for leaders and teams to take their business well into the 21st century.

While managers do things right with the necessary goals and priorities, great leaders work with vision and values and do the right things. Leaders are people who know themselves. Many great leaders are gifted with this knowledge. We think leadership is the ability to cooperate with the natural processes and principles of integration. This ability can be developed, unconsciously, by trial and error or by conscious choice.

The late John Franklin created refined processes for developing individuals, partnerships and cohesive teams. In developing the individual the ability to become a Leader is encouraged. What we call the Inspired Leader is one who has, through effort and skill, tapped into more of their extraordinary range of inner resources. The “top – down” and “inside – out” process uses two hour coaching sessions, each with a very clear objective. The purpose of each session is to assist each leader in: learning the principles of self reference; identifying and understanding personal strengths, gifts and limitations; discovering and connecting to personal and professional vision, purpose, mission and values. A further stage works on developing a model and behaviours that express a new kind of leadership that is able to inspire and transform with effective daily action.

Corporate Values: Understanding structural issues is the key to Erin’s work – we work from the top down, in confidence, with each level. Our investment is in a values based corporate culture. We see a clear trend, as do most company directors, that the bottom line can be strengthened over the longer term by acting from a deep commitment to values – “doing well by doing good” – is not only profitable, it is simple and it is fun.

“Without principles at it’s core, any vision will degenerate into a meaningless organising and reorganising of already existing situations – truly a “rearranging of deck chairs on the Titanic.” – How many times do we reorganise based on the need to respond fast. It is usually a lot easier to tinker, change systems and things outside rather than ourselves, setting limits and reevaluating our own expectations.